What do I like about winter?

A post from a couple of years ago

True be told, I don’t really like winter.. It is too cold and I don’t like driving in snow…
If I don’t have to go anywhere, snow is pretty… If it is 20 degrees or warmer, I am willing to go out side and play with the kids.  Yesterday they were playing in the snow. Today it was to cold… 0  degrees. Brr…

I like the trees with the snow sitting on the branches…The snow makes everything look bright and clean.
Winter also, brings tea parties and baking bread.  Wheat bread, Candy cane bread, etc…

I like to knit and this is the time of year that I knit… I will be teaching knitting to 4-H kids this year.  It will be fun to get back to it.  When I was in 4-H, I would knit a lot.  I was fairly good and now I have to get back into practice. I made many sweaters through the years.  Since I have had kids, I haven’t had time to do much knitting.  All my kids know how to knit scarves, slippers and wash clothes. I love cotton wash clothes. When you make cotton wash clothes, make sure that you soak them in salt water before using them.  This will set the dye so you don’t end up with a wash cloth that fades.  (2011)  This year I finished a prayer shawl to give to lady who

fell and hurt her rotator cuff.  
                                         Intense moisturizer set… wonderful for winter skin


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