What can I do to feel better? 10 Suggestions

What can I do to feel better? I will give you ideas for physical and mental health.

1)  Eat food the way God made it.  Box foods have many chemicals in them and in general give headaches and poor health.

2)  Exercise each day – Get up off the couch and run down stairs and throw in a load of laundry,  walk to your mailbox, take a stroll around your property or neighborhood.  If you can stand more exercise, swim, walk a mile…  you get the general drift.  Just don’t sit all day.  Moving your blood will make  you feel better.

3) Talk to positive people –  positive people lift you up.

4)  Help people out.  When you stop thinking of yourself, your spirits will lifts.

5) Finish projects that you start.  Finishing even a simple project like the dishes and laundry and putting things away will make you feel good. If you are the type to keep starting projects, take 6 months to a year to finish the things you started. Oh the good feelings you will have.

Watching clouds on a Sunday afternoon

6) Take an afternoon and just watch different cloud formations.  This is peaceful and lets you relax and let your imagination run.

7)  Play a game with our kids.  Kids love to compete with their parents. Sometimes they win sometimes you do.

8)  Mix your self up a fruit shake, made with you favorite fruits. These are refreshing and relaxing.

9)  Any idea that my husband likes is going to a lake or stream and skipping rocks.  Getting out in natures helps your to relax and slow your breathing, in exchange you feel better.

10) Drinking fluids ie, water or fresh juices with out sugars and chemicals.  Fluids keep your blue moving and helps prevent light depression.

Today I am going to spent time at the top of our hill to watch the clouds, pray and watch my kids play ball.  What will you do?

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