Weeding garden and the rest of the week.

Weeding the garden is fun.  Three things nice about gardening are:

1)  fresh air and sunshine

2) time to talk to the kids and here their view points on life

3)  time alone to think

Thistles are everywhere


The kittens are getting bigger and will not stay in the barn anymore.  They are following us around everywhere.

Saturday we drove down to Evansville, IN for my grandson’s Baptism. The trip down we had nice comfortable weather.  My grandson is a very friendly baby.  He was passed from person to person and did not get upset.  He has a beautiful smile. His sister had a good time with her aunts and uncles.  We were sad that his Godparents couldn’t make it ,but airplane tickets we very expensive.

Saturday night was his Baptism.  After the Baptism, we went to my daughter’s  home for a cookout.  We had fun visiting.  Sunday we went to the zoo. It was a little zoo, but big enough for everyone to have fun.  Half way through they had sprinklers for everyone to walk under to cool off.

Having fun with her uncle

At the end of the park there were splash pads and all the little kids were  playing in the water.   

Fun Day was had by all.

Monday was time to get back on the road to come home. It was a little warmer this time.  The car has no air conditioning and only 3 window that open.  We all survived without much fighting as everyone was watching movies or reading books.  We only had maybe 10 minutes of rain on the way home.

 My husband let me drive 2 hours on the way there and 2 hours on the way back.





Yesterday was of course catch up day.  Today was more weeding in the garden and mowing lawns…

How are you spending your summer?

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