We were talking about tipping to night.

Here is a blog post that I found that gives some thoughts on tipping.


I personally do not like to be charged a automatic gratuity.  We were at a restaurant when 5 of our kids were under 10 years old.  We were told we had to pay the the mandated tip at the end of our lunch.  We never went to that restaurant again.

They had in very small print on their menu  that groups over 7 needed to pay.  No one ever told us.

What do you think? Should tips be forced on you?  Please  give your opinion below.



We were talking about tipping to night. — 6 Comments

  1. I agree that tipping can get complicated. In other countries, the tip is often just added into the check with no choice in the matter, as is the case in Italy where I live right now. That being said, I almost always tip because the wait staff are paid a pathetic wage. I don’t mind the automatic gratuity when I am in a large group, unless the service stinks. Only once I had this happen and I went to the restaurant manager to address it. I ended up with a small gift card to reimburse us. I don’t think we ever used it because of the bad experience.

  2. Tipping can get complicated sometimes. I agree with you that they should never be mandatory. I remember once being out with a large group of friends. We had been working together for two weeks at camp and had little cash. We went to the same restaurant we had been going to for years but the owner had retired and his daughter had taken over. We were charged an automatic 15% gratuity and they wouldn’t let us put it on our credit cards with the rest of the bill. Ironically, most of us would have given a larger tip — we had been a boisterous group. We changed to a different restaurant after that.

    • Melinda, it seems that where we go they have a place for tip on the cc sheet. We have paid cash the last few years. Thank you for your opinion.

  3. I was thinking about tipping just yesterday, and am very much of the opinion that it should be for good service and not obligatory. I will say that I do usually tip–unless the service is just horrendous– because I know that servers are not paid a living wage. (I start with an assumed 20% and work my way down or up depending on the service I receive.) I think the restaurant industry should pay a reasonable wage to their servers and then allow customers to make a case by case decision on whether anything additional is warranted.

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