Walking for Fitness and Fun

A new fun past time in the last year for me is walking for fitness.

Here are 3 types of walking that I do:

1.  Walking with a DVD

2.  Walking in local races

3.  Walking with family on a bike trail or on our hill at home.

1. I started walking with a Leslie Sansone walk at home tapes quit a few years ago.  I did the exercising sporadically for many  years.  This year on Ash Wednesday I decided that I was going to start again.  It is hard to exercise for the first week.  My 15-year-old son decided to be my coach. Smile!

So everyday while he did his Geometry (we homeschool) I was to exercise.  Leslie’s tapes you can walk 1 to 5 miles.  IF I am tired, these tapes give me energy and I wake up. I didn’t have trouble with winter depression this year. The endorphin ‘s from exercising made me much happier.  One some of Leslie Sansone’s programs she uses weighted balls and stretchy bands. I don’t have the weighted balls so I use pineapple cans. The stretchy bands come with the DVD’s.

You get a very good over all work out.  What surprised me the most was my lower back problems were going away and so is my neck pain.  I am so happy and grateful for this walking fitness program.  The program is for women and men alike.

Barn in front of the big hill.

2.  The last couple of years we have done the walk/run at Old World Wisconsin.  I am not in good enough shape to win, but I like being outside and some of my kids like running the one mile.  This last year I found brand new walking sticks at a resale shop for $5.00 still in the cardboard packaging.  I used them at Old World WI race.  I walked the five miles. I was almost last, but the walking sticks helped me with my balance and I made it all the way. So walking for fun and to just say “I did it” is good for you, too.

3.  Walking on a bike trail or around our hill is good exercise.  It usually isn’t long enough to count as miles, but it gets me out with family and getting fresh air.  As I am sitting here writing this blog post, it just dawned on me that I should use my walking sticks walking up our back hill.  I am always winded when I get to the top.

I highly suggest walking for fitness and fun. As you can see, there are many ways to walk.  Just start walking, you will be happy you did.


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  1. We love walking around here! Although we are at the point where our oldest (almost 4) wants to walk, so we aren’t necessarily walking fast 🙂 I just started the couch to 5k program on Monday, so far so good. Although, I am definitely way out of shape which is not the most pleasant experience when you are trying to learn to run – I am not a runner 🙂

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