Today I am grateful for…

Today, I am eternally grateful for my friends and relatives that have called me and for a business friend that has helped me with my blog several times.

1. My aunt called me this morning to find out how I was doing.  She and I both have many children. Her children are all adults,  mine are 2/3 adults and 1/3 still children.  We have many things in common, from happy times to sad times.  She is obviously older then I, so she can help my see the light at the end of the tunnel. We also, share the wonderful things our kids do.


2.  This afternoon,  I talk to a business friend about some back room things on my website.  Every time I talk to her, she bring more understanding to my non-computer mind.  I am very grateful for her because she is very patient and understanding.

3)  This evening my long time friend called.  We care about each other and we have children of similar ages. We can talk about kids, eating healthy, sharing are concerns of ageing parents, and just the things we like to do.  Today she told me that she can finally start walking on her one leg again after many surgeries.  It is so wonderful she isn’t in  pain anymore.

I am eternally happy that God has put these 3 people in my life.  We can bring each other up when we are down and share the happiness as well.

Share with us the kinds of things you do with your close friends.  Then send up a prayer for them.  Blessings to you all.


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  1. 🙂 Today I’m very grateful for the friends in my oldest daughter’s life. Her husband was out of town, she was home with her 2 little ones and had severe stomach pains. One great friend had family over for a reunion, she had my daughter’s 2 little ones play with hers, watched by her family while she took my daughter to the emergency room. Now that she is home and recovering from surgery, many of her neighborhood friends are helping her out while she recovers. As I’m 1000+ miles away, I’m very grateful for their support.
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