Tips on Brain Fog. Series of this week. (3)

Do you really get brain fog with menopause?

Yes, this really happens and your are not alone.  Many women who get brain fog  are likely to have symptoms of depression, anxiety, and sleep difficulties.  If you have any of these 3 problems and can go to a doctor or natural path for help.

There are 3 things you can do to help elevate brain fog in this situation:

1. Exercise –  Make exercise your priority at this time of your life.  30 minutes of exercise a day will help you very much.  This 30 minutes includes climbing stairs and walking across a parking lot.  The idea is to just keep moving.  60 minutes of activitiy  of day will help you not put on Menopause weight gain.

2. Mental Motivation –  Set goals to give you something to look forward to and to keep your mind busy.

3. Diet – At this time of your life, you need to feed your brain.  Give up most of sugar you eat and feed your brain with green smoothies and/or green salads.  Using coconut oil has been proven to keep your brain lubricated and helps with memory.

Remember to always drink  water, as we get older, our body doesn’t tell our brain that we are thirsty. You can measure your water out in the morning and pace yourself drinking all day. You do not want to drink you water only one or two times in the day. It will then go straight through you and not hydrate you. Drinking water keeps your brain lubricated and releases toxins.

4. Sleep –  Getting 8 – 10 hours of sleep will work wonders against brain fog.  If you cannot sleep that long at night,  take a nap to make up the time you didn’t sleep at night.

And one last thing, Menopause brain fog goes away when you are post menopause.

Join us again tomorrow for more information on Brain Fog.  Let me know if you are enjoying this series. See you tomorrow.

Debbie is a mom of 9 and a grandmother of 2.  She loves learning about how to heal diseases with food and herbs.  Debbie has L’BRI Pure n Natural skincare business.  Go here to try to Love your skin with L’BRI Pure n Natural (aloe base skincare) 


Tips on Brain Fog. Series of this week. (3) — 2 Comments

  1. Debbie,
    Very good tips and I follow most of them the best I can. However, the brain fog does not end post menopause for everyone. Not for me anyway and I haven’t had a cycle since 2008. I find my symptoms (hate to use that word since menopause is not an illness, but for lack of a better word) are worse every 3 – 4 months. Insomnia is a big part of the problem I am sure as well as migraines. So the pain worsens making it more difficult to sleep. Sleeping pills do not help as I feel groggy the whole next day. I feel like I could sleep all day, but then when I do get some sleep, I feel even more tired. So hard to think or concentrate. It is awful and I don’t know how to stop this endless cycle. I do pray it stops because it has truly affected my quality of life. Feeling of my head swimming all day and chronic headaches. I can literally be at work dealing with someone and all of a sudden not know what I was saying. Scary. Can’t afford anymore doctors. Have tried it all. HRT, bio-identically, anti-depresants, supplements…. I so want relief!!!!!!!!

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