Thinking positive today.

Today I am going to post good things that have happened in the last week.

1) The temps have dropped under 106 to  the 70’s and 80’s, which means we do not have to use air conditioning.

2)  Two good things about the above statement.  The people in my house are happier and play outside and we save money on electricity.

3)  We have been watering the garden so, so far, we have not lost any vegetables.

4)  We have not lost any animals to the heat.  All the animals are healthy.

5)  My children are very creative and they smile when they have learned something new.

6)  My husband loves God and our family.

7)  God has kept food on our table through many sources ie, our garden, farmer’s market, friends and my husband’s co-workers have had extra fresh farm eggs.

8)  Things are going better this summer than expected.

9)  I am meeting some friendly people this year.

10)  One good thing about not having rain is that we save money on mower gas.

Let me know what is positive in your life these days.


Thinking positive today. — 11 Comments

  1. Hi there from UBC 🙂 It always makes you feel positive when you write down all the things we’re grateful for because we take way too much stuff for granted.

  2. I see your comments are working now, Debbie. I was just going to say that I love your list, and am going to do one, too. Top of my list today would be a day without rain, though it’s on again now. We’ve had nothing but rain here (in Scotland) for weeks, and this is supposed to be summer! Still, good to know we won’t be running short of water any time soon.

  3. Always good to find things to be thankful for – here in Australia I am thankful for the free wood I can access to keep my fire burning that keeps house warm, even if i do r really want to be awake In The early hours at least the house is warm

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