Things are working again.

This blog has a frustrating couple of weeks.  It was hacked and it took a while to find out what the problems was.  And no I am not selling loans or anything to do with banking.

I lost a couple of posts and I will try to put some back.

Also, while all this was going one we had prefair judging.  We were running all last week.  All the children did very well. Reds and Blues for the most part and a Reserve Champion.

Next week the county fair starts, which means the animals will finally get to go to the fair to strut their stuff.  We will wait to see what the animals get.

Please stop by on a regular basis and catch up.  Soon to follow will be some of the soaps I was making while this site was being fixed.

Sun flowers and sweet corn and pop corn.

Sun flowers and sweet corn and pop corn.



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