Teaching Life Skills

What better way to teach life skills then to have something to be responsible over!

Today we got ducklings from the post office.  My daughter loves ducks and so this is her 4-H project again this year. She has been responsible in years past and so she has gotten expensive ducks this year.

She has wanted Call Ducks for many years. Her older brother had them when she was little and now it is her turn.

New ducklings

What are the steps for our kids to get their own animals?

1. They must study how to take care of them and find out possible sickness and  how to take care of them.

2.  Study where to get good quality animals.

3.  Ask parents to order, depending on the age of the child they will need to come up with the money to get them.

4.   Set – up space for the animals and ask for the supplies that they do not have already.

5.   Wait for their arrival  or go get the animals.

6.   Take care of them.

7.   Also, in the case of ducklings you have to figure out a way to keep critters out.



How do you teach your kids responsibility? Share a few ideas.



Teaching Life Skills — 4 Comments

  1. What a great opportunity. As for me, being a business owner, I try to give my kids chores when they’re at work with me, have them interact with customers and keep them aware to some degree of the cashflow problems associated with being self-employed.

    • What you are doing with your kids is wonderful. My husband was involve an organization when my older kids lived at home and my older girls would make phone calls for him and put together newsletters.

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