Taking time out to be thankful

Taking time to be thankful in a very busy week.

We are still  working with kids (baby goats) that are a week old today.  They are doing well.  the kids have taken a lot of time, but my children  love working with them.  2 of the 3 kids were born with weak knees and could not stand for the 1st 12 hours.  With a little physical therapy from the my children, they are all happy and running around.

My children are learning how to milk the goat and had to spend 2 days teaching the kids to learn how to drink from a bottle.  We are bottle feeding so they are tame and when they don’t need the milk anymore we will use it to bake, cook and make butter and cheese. We might even try to make soap.

My youngest son (9) started a new math book two weeks ago. I told him that if he got  no more then 2 wrong on the tests he would not have to do the lessons that go with the tests. In the last two weeks he has done 10 tests and one average he has only gotten 1 wrong.  He is so happy.

January  2013 001

My daughter (13) is studying the Czech Republic.  Her Great Grandparents came from Czechoslovakia  and so she is having fun learning about that area.  Everyday she has new things to tell me.  My daughter also, comes up the new things that we should cook or bake regularly.  She has learned in the last couple of days how to milk the goat. She is very happy with her self.

My 16 year old likes taking care of the goats and modifying, animal pens as needed.  I think he likes changing things on a regular basis.  He is learning to drive and on a bowling league.  He is getting better all the time. Now that he knows  he should be bowling left handed it is getting easier for him.  He is ambidextrous and so sometimes it is hard to figure out which hand is better for what.

For my self, I am happy that we are not sick at this point and that everyone is finding ways to have fun and learn. Having the goats, we have not had much time for movies and so they are finding fun projects to keep themselves busy along with schoolwork.

My youngest son having fun with his niece and nephew this last week.  Don't you just love his smile.

— The new project this week is making a small skating rink.  They were hauling water from the house to the barn area in 0 degree weather.  They would come in with frozen snow pants. Sometimes a mom just has to step back and just let them do. Thanking God for snow pants and good boots.

Tonight my daughter and I made strawberry rhubarb jam for an elderly couple that we know. Tomorrow we are making them raspberry jam.

I am enjoying my kids.  What are you thankful for this last week?  Remember being thankful will boost your immune system. Take care.


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