6 anti-inflammatory foods

Seeing this is the season for colds and flu s, I have a few ideas to help you heal your body.   1)Pineapple and Cherries –  pineapple as bromelian in it.  Bromelian has taken swelling out of my body after … Continue reading

Life Giving Nook Goat Milk Soap Shop

Today I am doing a video post on my Goat Milk Soap Shop.. I was a little nervous and so I mis-spoke a couple of times. Go to my video post : http://youtu.be/VVtMMCP2yqE   Stop By my Etsy shop  to … Continue reading

The Benefits of Using Goat's Milk.

Benefits of goat milk will be talked about this week. Goat’s milk has many properties that cow’s milk doesn’t have.  One being that it is naturally anti-inflammatory. Many people with stomach problems,  eczema and skin problems do well with goat … Continue reading