Today's blog challenge is to voice your opinion on something.

Today is my day to talk about skincare, but I want to give you my opinion on skincare and health.

Your skin needs to be taken care of daily.  Taking good care of your skin is using natural products that will balance your skin.  Many people think that if they have oily skin that they should not use moisturizer.  This is not true. For oily skin you need something that will go down into the deep layers of the skin to calm your skin down. Aloe based skincare goes down into your skin and brings in water and moisture so that your skin doesn’t need to over react and push the oil out.  So please take care of your skin. If you wear make-up, don’t go to bed with your make up on. It ages your skin much faster.

Butterflies  in nature.

Dry skin needs more water added to  your skin.  Using an aloe based skincare will draw water to the under layer of your skin.  Your skin will look much better when you use an exfoliate to take off the dead skin. Flaking skin is really dead skin on the surface.  So please take care of our skin.

Facial Peel good for getting rid of dead skin

Ok, for part -two, which should have really been part one. You are what you eat. Your body needs nutrients to stay healthy. You need water, greens, veggies, fruit to keep you skin lubricated and looking youthful.

If there is a type of food you don’t like, for example, veggies.  You can make a green smoothie. It will make the veggies go down easier and  your facial skin will thank you.  If you google green smoothies, you will find many different recipes.  Find one that appeals to you.

Drink water for your inner and outer health.

Here to your health!



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