Rough days on the homestead

Rough days are bound to happen.  I try to keep things positive on this blog, but today, I am going to fill in some sad, but all the same real life on the homestead.

Many times we only read about the perfect on blogs and so sometimes it seems that people never have any problems.  So here is what happened yesterday at our place.

Yesterday was not a good day for us. We get ducklings from the post office and 4 are dead. The other two died within 24 hours. We went though this a few years ago.  It wouldn’t be so bad except the ducks were going to be use for fair later in the year.  We will see if we can get more in the next month. If not, they will not grow big enough for fair.

Our favorite cat had kittens and when the (human) kids went outside to milk and feed the goats last night, a male cat had eaten the kittens. We just are not having luck with kittens the last couple of years.  The last two years the baby kittens have been eaten by owls.

We have see the life cycle happen many times.

The house is being over run with box elder bugs and it is windy and rainy and now we need to fix the screen door.

Those people that have perfect homeschool days consistently are not tell the whole truth.

Hope you have a good day. smile.

PS.  If you have any healthy ways to get rid of box elder bugs in the house, please let me know.

Hope today our day and your day  goes better then yesterday.  Blessed day to you all.


Rough days on the homestead — 6 Comments

  1. We routinely do get clusters of boxelder bugs on our south-facing house, especially on sunny fall days following a cold spell. I’ve taken photos and written about them before: in October 2007 and in October 2009 . I’ve never seen swarms anything like what I saw today, and certainly never such huge swarms in the spring. This is such an odd season — today, a rainy day in the 50s, would normally be a warm day for the second week of March. Instead, it was a relatively cool day in a string of days in the 60s and projected to reach 70 later this week. No wonder the insects are behaving strangely. Maybe we’ll have frogs and locusts next. Here’s a short video clip of this extraordinary sight.
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  2. Sorry that things are rough right now. We all have those days! I like your blog, I will definitely be back :). Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

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