Rosacea skincare sets

Yesterday we talked about how to get the dry itchiness off of your skin using an exfoliation product.

Today we will move on to skincare sets.

All of our products are made and safe for anyone with Rosacea. Linda the founder of our company has Rosacea and she can use all the products.

The first thing to use is a cleanser.  Our cleanser takes away everyday dirt and grime and will also take off eye makeup safely. The cleansers are safe and nourishing to the skin.

Second, we use freshener. The freshener takes away bad bacteria and neutralizes the skin making it ready for moisturizer.

3rd, using our moisturizer heals and protects skin.  OurL'BRI independent skincare consultant moisturizer and all of our skincare products have aloe as the first ingredient and so it heals your skin from the inside out.

Our skincare sets will last you 3 months as we do not ship water in our products.   For a 7 day trial size sample go here.

And remember if you have special skincare need and sensitive skin, L’BRI Pure and Natural may very well be the skin care you have been searching for.


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