Review of week, Getting ready to get rolling…….

Things are starting to seem like spring. On Tuesday we had 60 and most of the snow went away that day.  The sun was beautiful. The rest of the week has been sunny but colder between 30 and 40 degrees.

Then we had been busy.  Many days away from home and schooling the kids.  My son had all the house plants outside on Tuesday but had to bring them in that night.  Tuesday night we were to an organic gardening meeting. We learned a few new things and we are just waiting for spring weather to appear.

My Godson’s baby decided to appear this week.  He was 6 weeks early and is having a hard time breathing. Please pray for him and his family.

My Granddaughter had been sick of and on again with the flu the last two weeks. We are praying that she will be getting better soon, too.

Out in the garden my sons have stacked weeds so that can dry out and when the weather is not as winding we will burn them.  We plan on growing more popcorn this year.  Last year it was fun and tasted oh so yummy.  We are moving the corn, tomatoes and potatoes this year so we do not deplete the soil.  I am, also,  trying out a raised bed to see how that goes.   I will do more next year, If it works well, because as I get older it is not always fun to bend over and pull weeds.  We are doing more mulching now, too.

I am going to have a busy weekend. Starting next week I play to start posting more on a regular basis now that I have my new site up.  I will still be adding things as I get the time.

Have a good weekend.  

This is what our trees looked like at the beginning of the week.

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