Warm productive spring day!

Today was a beautiful spring day. I was feeling a little sad as my husband left for business travel  for a day or so… I guess not knowing how long is the hard part.  Being sad that he left, I went for  a walk outside and then sat on the top of  our hill to pray in the sun.

Being refreshed, I went back to find the kids and take a walk around the gardens.  Seeing as we are in the mid-west we only have radishes,lettuce  and onions planted so far.  They are coming along well.  So far in the flower beds, we have had Crocus, Daffodils, and Tulips. Other flowers are poking their sprouts through the earth and will show their beauty soon.

Lilies are coming up and will be flowering this summer

When the kids finished with their schoolwork this afternoon, we did some house cleaning.  Where we live, we get a lot of mud in the winter/spring change and so I don’t clean the enter way until the mud stops coming in. Today was the day.  My 15-year-old asked who the company was going to be, and my 9-year-old (both boys) asked why are we cleaning.  As if 2 to 4 dust pans full of dirt wasn’t reason enough to clean.  My 15-year-old was so amazed at how much room was in our entry way when all the clothes, boots, snow pants and jackets were put away and all the toys and trash were put in there proper places.

Piano lessons were rescheduled for 7pm tonight and so we even had time to sweep out the living room and kitchen.  It was a nice day for mom to get her home back to a peaceful clean.  We know it will not last but we need to clean up sometimes, even tho, my kids have said in the past.. ” why clean, it will just get dirty again”

What do you do that your kids think is senseless?  Share your thoughts on a productive day…



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  1. Shawn thank you for stopping by. I have 9 children and these at home are they youngest 3. My oldest 6 that do not live at home can see the dirt now… so I just laugh it off. I like your blog it is cute.

  2. It use to irritate me when we would clean and the kids would ask who was coming over. lol So glad it is time for you to put the snow pants and winter items away for the year. We don’t deal with that where I live now. Enjoyed your blog!

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