Pictures of Fall

County Fair Starts our Fall Season

Our fall starts off with county fair. Fair judging and awards are part of the experience.






Drying weeds and plants

In the fall plants start drying.

Volley ball season


Fall sports are volley ball and cross country around here. My daughter plays volley ball.





Fall Harvest

Fall harvesting, includes potatoes, tomatoes and pop corn.



Canning tomatoes for winter chilli and spaghetti sauce fill the fall days.





sweat shirts


Fall playing includes wearing sweatshirts. Everyone sleeps better in the cool weather of fall, too.







Pie class, Trick is to have everything cold!

School time bring learning new things.  This pie class was fun.  We learned that when making pies the most important thing is to have cold ingredients. This will help make the crust flaky.






Pecan Pie Yum!

End product was oh so yummy!

Please share what you do in your fall season.



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