When it rains the phone…

Today was the primaries in WI.  So I started out the day voting, going to the  chiropractor (because of the fall I took on Sunday) and picked up the next round of books from the Library. With gas being so expensive, I only go out when I have more than one thing to do.

My afternoon was spent on the phone.  The phone has not rung for maybe a week.  This afternoon my son-in-law called to say my daughter was in the hospital because her blood pressure was to high. With her being pregnant, that was not a good thing. We sent off prayers to her.

Then I talked for 2 hours to a friend whom I haven’t seen or talk to for over a year. It is amazing how friends can just pick up where they left off.  We talked about the kids, grandkids and parents. We must be getting old, as it is getting to be our turn to keep an eye on our parents.

Then my husband called and said that he was coming home today as they figured out the problem and they can fix it at work tomorrow. He was a little upset that he didn’t get to vote in the primaries as he got home about 5 to 15 minutes to late.  As we were talking, the daughter in the above paragraph called and said that she was home.  Her blood pressure came down and her blood work was good. She should be ok until her next Dr. appointment next week. Thanking God everyone is safe tonight.

My mother-in-law called and said she was home again (she goes south for the winter).  The plane trip was good and she is happy to be back.

My 3 kids that were at home decided to play outside as when their mom is on the phone she won’t talk to them.  (It is a good thing I am not on the  phone to often.) My 15-year-old decided to rototille  the garden.  The 12d and 9s ran with the dog and played on the rope swing.

What kind of day did you have? Do you ever get day when the phone seems to ring off the hook?  Do you answer it or leave it go to your machine?

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