New post and a New Year

New Years day my kids went home after spending 2 weeks with us.  The house is quiet with only 3 kids home again. It is time to get back to posting, schooling the kids and thinking about my skin again.

As the years go by, skin changes and so must skin care. For many people with oily skin, middle age skin may change to dry. Hormones have a way of fluctuating.

Facial peel exfoliates wonderfully

Remember that all skin types need exfoliation. Dead skin is what makes skin itch.  Dry skin tends to itch more, and so exfoliation is definitely very important.  Rejuvenating facial peel exfoliates beautifully and makes the skin feel refreshed..


Have fun exfoliating your skin and tomorrow we will learn what to do next.

So what did you do to bring in the new year. Remember to make New Years Resolutions small and something you can accomplish.  Taking care of  you skin and family should be number 1.  Leave me a comment below.  Blessed New Year to you all.


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