Tips on Brain Fog. Series of this week.

How many of you have had brain fog some time in your life? What are the symptoms of brain fog:

1. You feel like you have a fog or dark cloud over your head.

2. Short term forgetfulness

3. Feeling spacey

4. Lack of focus

Brain fog is an imbalance of your bodily systems.  Five things that cause brain fog are:

1. constipation

2. menopause

3. sick building syndrome

4. insomnia

5. excessive alcoholic beverages

Check back here to learn what we can do to help relieve Brain Fog.

Debbie is a mom of 9 and a grandmother of 2.  She loves learning about how to heal diseases with food and herbs.  Debbie has L’BRI Pure n Natural skincare business.  Go here to try to Love your skin with L’BRI Pure n Natural (aloe base skincare) 


Tips on Brain Fog. Series of this week. — 4 Comments

  1. Brain fog is a common symptom for people with Fibromyalgia, looking forward to reading more of your series! I was going to do a post on Friday on Fibro brain fog on my blog (tends to be caused by insomnia, sometimes dietary issues, and medications), I may end up doing a little introduction to your series on my blog and simply sending my readers over here to read it, instead,especially if the rest of the posts in this series are so concise, accurate, and helpful!Great post! Can’t wait for the rest of them!

    Would it be all right with you if I shared links to your posts with my readers?
    Emily recently posted…Health Benefits of Lemon WaterMy Profile

  2. Hello Debbie, I just found your blog and will enjoy discovering! If you are interested in nutrition, have you seen ? He does sell supplements, but what is so great are his classes and podcasts that are free. Right now he is doing a series and I have found it incredibly informative, and I have been studying nutrition as a hobby for 30 years. I hope you find it useful. L in WA

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