Learning activities for children

We had fun with the kids this weekend.  Sunday was Mother’s Day. I woke up to a sign on my bedroom  door frame wishing me a Happy Mother’s day. All the kids had their names signed on it.  Half way down the sheet was a small triangular slit that said pull here to get out.  Smile…

Fun with the animals..

Dog with bandanna

Sisters with baby ducks. 1 week old


Kittens about 2 weeks old

The boys like motors.

He is finally old enough to mow... He is so happy.

He loves using the rider for mowing and many other things.

Sunday was a beautiful day… Enjoying the outside and the kids.

What do your kids like to-day?  It doesn’t matter how old they are.

Tomorrow I will show you what my son did with a riding lawn mower that doesn’t work anymore.

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