Last in the Brain Fog Series.

The two last things I will talk about is:

1.excessive alcoholic beverages

2. insomnia

Excessive alcohol consumption will dehydrate you.  And as we have stated before. Dehydration will give you Brain Fog.  Depending on how much you drink, the fog can last for many day.

Insomnia – not getting enough sleep will not let your brain cells rejuvenate.  When you do not sleep enough, your body cannot detox or and let your body get back to ‘normal”.

So to end this series, we need to eat well, get enough sleep, keep hydrated, detox from all the pollutants we are around day in and day out, have good ventilation and last but not least exercise.

I hope you have learned a little about brain fog and what you can do about it. Here is to your health. Smile.



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