Knitting a Natural Stress Relief

Working with kids, there are times when you need a natural stress relief.  Kids can lie, or just get on your nerves.  I have found for me, knitting relieves my stress.

Last week I found out that one of my kids was not telling me the truth about a matter for a long while (3 weeks).  I started reading his behavior and checked up on him.  Sure enough, he was not caught up on his school work like he had told me.  I calmly told him that it had to be caught up in xxx amount of time.

I picked up my knitting in the same room as him.  Mainly keep my mouth shut for a couple of day and knitted away.  Knitting so fast that I finished 3 prayer shawls that I started for the sick  at church.

Knitting for Stress Relief

I  worked on a sock that I was making so I could learn to turn the heel  at my knitting group.

Knitting has been proven to be the best stress relief for the sick or people with nervous disorders.

So last week knitting prevented me from yelling and gave me a way to use up the energy that goes with frustration.

Let us know what you do when you get frustrated?  Leave in the comments below.


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