Joy is caring and loving….

What do you call happiness?  Is happiness being healthy?  Is happiness being able to share a hobby with a friend, family member or a child.

For me, happiness is part of an over all person. To be happy, we need rest healthy food, fresh air and sunshine.  I like knitting and sharing knitting with others.  I like to knit a friend a wash cloth, or make a prayer shawl for a sick person to keep warm in.   Sharing knitting with our 4-H group or with our ladies knitting group helps me pass on a long time hobby of mine.

What makes you happy? Share with me… and have a joyous day.


Joy is caring and loving…. — 1 Comment

  1. I enjoy meeting new friends and spending time with family. Well, sometimes too much time with family does not result in being happy, but I still love them.
    A sunny day can make me happy. A good laugh makes me happy for sure.
    And old friends make me happy.

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