It has been a crazy year.

Friends sick, Friends die…

Kids playing softball,  kids playing volley ball.

Kids doing 4-H projects,

Husband getting more responsibility at work.

I have cleaned houses all year and homeschooling.

We had a garden this year. It was fun to be in the garden again
seeing as my baby is now 8 years old.

My oldest has a little one that will be 2 in January and is due with baby
number 2 in April.

Life is slowly turning back into fun.

Hoping and praying for a Christmas miracle in my family.

Praying for my son-in-laws to get jobs.

Praying for my husband to get the promotion he has worked for.

Praying for all friends on and off-line that God Blesses them in the new year.

Blessed Christmas to you all.


It has been a crazy year. — 1 Comment

  1. I wish you a wonderful, healthy, happy New Year filled with abundant blessings! Hang in there about the things that are bringing you stress and worry. I wish you so much happiness!

    Mama Hen

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