Is your skin baby soft? Do you want it to be?

Remember when your child was/is a baby?  Their skin was/is so soft—

What ruins the skin?


—excess sun exposure between (10 and 3)
—cigarette smoking
—alcohol intake
—improper skin and cosmetic products
—low water intake

Stress to the body
—lack of sleep
—junk food
—lack of exercise

To have soft beautiful skin you need to take care of your body inside and out.

1. drink water – at least 8 cups a day
2. eat well – fruits, veggies etc.
3. sleep 6- 9 hours a night
4. Sun and alcohol in moderation

Take care of your skin and your skin will heal and look younger for years to come.

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Is your skin baby soft? Do you want it to be? — 4 Comments

  1. I'm pretty happy with my skin, but sometimes I do slack on the eating healthly. ooops. I need to work better with that.

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