Herbs and vitamins for Muscle Relaxants

A friend and I  were talking about natural healing. today.  Natural healing helps to heal the problems and saves you money in the long run.  Medications usually cover up the symptoms but to not usually heal.

Here are some ideas on what to use for relaxing your muscles.

1)  Valerian: Valerian is one of the primary herbs to consider when you need pain relief and muscle relaxation. Valerian is an antispasmodic, nervine.  Excellent nerve tonic – quieting and soothing

2)  Lavender has soothing effect on our muscles.  It relaxes muscles and and tension in our body.  Lavender spray or dried herbs under your pillow case are good to help you if you have trouble sleeping.

Lavender has helped me sleep in very stressful times in my life.

3) Ginger:  Ginger bath is a good herbal muscle relaxant which is helpful when treating arthritis and bursitis.

3) Catnip: Catnip is a mild herb which can be used for children as well.  It helps deal with muscle  cramps  and muscle spasm. Remember to only steep catnip.. do not boil.

Cats love frolicking in catnip.

4) Rosemary: The common kitchen spice Rosemary in a warm bath can help alleviate muscle spasms or you can put the oil topically on your joints and muscles. Doing so before bed should help you relax and sleep.

5) Peppermint:  Many people have found that peppermint oil, put on the temples  have relieved the muscle spasms from stress and head aches.

I have use the oil on my forehead or put a dry peppermint tea bag on my pillow at night.  I always feel wonderful in the morning.

6) Horseradish: Horseradish is a popular herbal muscle relaxant. You can apply a poultice on effected areas before bed.

We need to  remember to get your vitamins and minerals. too.  It is always best to get them from  your food, but if not, find good quality supplements.

Some very important vitamins and minerals for muscle spasms are:

1) Calcium – Calcium is calming to the body.

2) Magnesium – Magnesium to work properly it needs to be in a good ratio with calcium.  Make sure to do  your homework on this one.

3) Potassium- Potassium takes down swelling in the body and will help with muscles spasms.

Homeopathic Remedy that I have used for years”

Arnica: excellent for muscle sorenenss tht happens after overworking your muscles. Can be taken by mouth or as a cream.  Arnica is very good for bruising.

And remember to get your rest and drink plenty of water.

Now remember if you decide to take your health seriously, you need to do your homework.  Before you try any of the about ideas, study about them.   Your are responsible for your own health.  Not your doctor, not  your friend, not your spouse.  Be responsible and you will see better health.  

Let me know what you do when you have sore muscles…  And have a relaxing summer.



Herbs and vitamins for Muscle Relaxants — 9 Comments

  1. Heat & Cold are also useful– those nice rice/flax bags can be scented with essential oils. Willow bark makes a reasonably nice tasting tea and is anti-inflammatory. Herbs are generally not as fast acting as RX meds, so they don’t always make the best choice for intense pain issues–but in the long run they are probably quite a lot safer. #1 best way to relieve pain in my opinion is a regular exercise class. I do water aerobics and although it tires me and can get things aching– when I continue regularly it strengthens things and makes pain less of an issue.

  2. Moringa oleifera has been the biggest help for me! 4x the calcium of milk, 3x the potassium of bananas + magnesium. The only botanical with 92+ verifiable nutrients including 36 anti-inflammatories. Wobenzym PS is a big help too.

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