Goat milk… not just for breakfast…

There are many reason people use goat milk. Today I will give you 4 reasons to use it in soap.

1.  Goat milk contains vitamin A and B vitamins including B6, B 12 and riboflavin.  Helps to nourish the skin and fight acne.

2.  Goat’s milk soap has alpha hydroxyl acids in it and so it takes dead skins cells off and new skin cells can surface.

3.  Goat’s milk soap has the same ph as the skin and so is healing and moisturizing.

4. Goat milk soap is good for relieving itches from weeds and insect bits.  What is neat about it is you can rub damp soap on and you don’t have to wash it off.  It will not itch or dry out the skin while healing your itches.

Goat milk soap… Your skin will love it.

March 7, 2013 014


One of the kids when they were babies.

Do you use goat milk soap? Why?  Why no?

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