Fun on the hobby farm!

Leveling sand

still leveling sand

Dog watching...

The ducks grew up.

You can see in the background the we have new ducks that hatched about 2 weeks ago.  It is unusual for ducks to hatch ducklings  in July.

Chickens looking for a place to take a dust bath.

The work from last week paid off. Now they have a pool to have fun in.Warming up.


floating.. They are so happy that they have been thanking us for the pool... smile.

My blog is about mental health… Remember to relax this summer.  Relaxing does so much for your mental health.

How are  you taking care of your mental health this summer?



Fun on the hobby farm! — 3 Comments

  1. It has been a bit of a tough summer between the heat and my chronic fatigue. I think my animals help keep me sane and outside a bit. The garden I can ignore, but the chickens and goats need to be feed and cared for. :)Thanks for consistently stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments and always enjoy reading your blog when I stop by.

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