Family activity

My oldest daughter and her son. We are at my mil’s for a visit.


My mil enjoying her grandkids and great grandkids







My daughter and her youngest.


Busy 2 year old grand daughter, She and her mom and brother stayed with us for a week. smile.







We had a busy week with my daughter and her two kids.  You easily forget how much energy a 2 year old has.  My grand daughter was funny. My son (her uncle) has a yellow lab.  The dog would run her over and she would laugh and ask the dog if he was ok. – On the flip side, she is scared of cats and kept telling them to go away.

She love to sing and put blocks and train tracks in order.  The “helped” with tomatoes and liked to run around.  They are home now.  I think we are both enjoying resting, but are looking forward to seeing them at Christmas.  They finally live close enough to come home and her Daddy has Christmas day off this year.

Hope you are enjoying your fall. It is getting cold here and volley ball season will be over for my daughter this weekend. My son started drivers ed last week and that will go until Christmas.

We are busy and I bet you are too.  Drop a note in the comment on what you are doing this fall.

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