End of summer business

Canning this week.  Very busy

Canning this week. Very busy

Enjoying the fresh produce all summer.  Now it is time to squirrel away for the winter.  Next week we will be getting some apples…Please share what you do with your apples over winter.

We have a new set of pigs.. The old two we took in before the fair.

We have a new set of pigs.. The old two we took in before the fair.

My son loves bacon. We just took the two pigs in just before county fair.  We get to pick them up this weekend.  Now we have two more pigs.  Did you know that pigs like eating goat milk?

County fair goat judging

County fair goat judging

Most of you know that I make goat milk soap and sell it...  The kids decided to take goats to the fair this year.  They do very well. One of them got Grand champion and best of breed.

My plan is to post twice a week.  To share some family life and my goat milk business.   So  do you make a point to go to your county fair every year?  If so, what do you make sure to see?


End of summer business — 8 Comments

  1. Pigs will eat most anything you give them! Looks like your kids did a great job showing the goats. We raised meat goats for awhile. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I will enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. It’s awesome to see how you are living life by the land. Goat milk soap is such a nourishing and healthy way to make sure our skin is well looked after, Debbie. And looks like the whole family is having fun and joining in the activities.

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