Effective ways to Cope with Stress

Good ways to cope with stress that you may or may not brought on yourself.

There are days that things happen that are not your fault. Days when people drop things on you that you did not foresee and even if you did, it would take a toll on your body.

What kinds of things could bring your body stress in this form.  Someone committing or trying to commit suicide,  a family member dying of a disease, losing a job, a move, a marriage, having a baby.  Yes even good things stress us and can take a toll on us.

Easy ways to deal with stress are:

1) Prayer – Prayer has a way of calming us and giving us peace.

2)  Eating fresh food – _ie.,  fruit, veggies, water, protein) eat them straight…  Eating straight food, not boxed with chemicals gives your body a chance to deal with stress and not build more.

3)  Chiropractors – Chiropractors help keep you body in line so that you can better deal with what is going on in your life.

4) If your stress causes swelling in your body, you will want to each foods that reduce swelling.

a)  Pineapple –  Pineapple added to your smoothies will take down swelling in your body.

b)  Cherries – Cherries take down swelling too.

5) Get some kind of outdoor exercise everyday.  Even if that means that your are just walking to the mailbox or checking your garden. Just getting outside a few minutes everyday will have you relax.

Stress can come from good and bad things.  We need to learn to effective ways to cope with stress, to keep down the wear and tear down on the body.

How do you deal with stress? Share with us.


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