Eating to many treats eventually made me sick.

It is hard to make it through the week when you do not feel well.  I am thanking God that I felt the worst on days that I didn’t need to go anywhere.

One of the reason that I was sick is that I ate to many treats the last couple of weeks. I did really well the weeks around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Then silly me decided to indulge.  What a bad idea.

Well now I am back to eating well again. I have not had sugar based foods for almost a week and I feel much better.

Now I will say 10 things that I am grateful for.

1. My children cooperated for the most part last week when I was sick.

2. The things that I needed to do last week were easy and I didn’t have to use my brain for the most part.

3. I am very happy that we still have grapefruit and oranges in the house to help me heal.

4. We had plenty of garlic and onions still in our house for me to fight this virus.

5. The weather was warmer at the end of the week, so it wasn’t to hard to leave the house.

6. I noticed that the aloe plant in my bedroom had 5 baby plants that are getting to be about 4 inches tall. (The computer will not download them today. Sorry)

7.  My hens and chicks that I brought in last fall are having babies too. smile.

8. My husband and I had a wonderful talk last night.

9. My daughter and son – in – law found an apartment that they like and can still work at paying off their school loans.

10.  The sun is out today….

Bonus, thankfulness is that I can work on my blog again.

In the spot below let me know what you are thankful for in the last week.

  Give Aloe Skincare a try.


Eating to many treats eventually made me sick. — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Debbie-Glad to hear you are feeling better! I’m thankful for the wonderful man in my life, my daughter, beautiful January weather, music, movies and popcorn with my family over the weekend.
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