Does stress just take over your body?

Stress can attack your body in many different ways.

Some people eat when they get stressed… They put on weight by absentmindedly eating all day at work or if they are around people that stress them.

Do you exercise to much to relieve stress? Doing this may hurt your bones or just stress you ligaments over time.

Do you ever have a shocking life event happen and every part of your body that was ever hurt  ends up hurting.  Your body hurts in any place that was hurt in any accident you’ve ever had in your life. Talk about major stress.

Some people that have been stressed for year and have over eaten or eaten badly may end up with heart trouble.  High blood pressure tends to run in families, but the is because families tend to handle things in the same way.

High stress can make your immune system run low.  This makes you susceptible to everything that comes along.

How does your body tend to react to stress?  Leave a note below.

Tomorrow I will give some ideas on how to handle and prevent some stress in your life.

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