Does life ever slow down….? Hi everyone, I have a computer and my house back to just our family again:)

So many things that I would love to do..

Since my daughter got married… my oldest daughter and my grand baby went home October 1st.  Since
they have been home– my grandbaby has started climbing stairs and got any other tooth (making it 6).

My youngest daughter (4th)  has been playing volley ball with our church. They are doing very well for 6th graders and have their tournament this coming Saturday. I love to watch my kids play sports.   My 3rd daughter was running cross country until she hurt her ankle again this year. Anyone have any ideas on what to do to make stronger ankles.?

My 3rd son has  been working when not in school.. He is painting some days and working on a farm other days. Some of the days he has free he is hauling farm equipment with a friend of his.

My 4th son is doing schoolwork and has joined a homeschool biology group that meets every other Friday. On the way home last time, I got lost .. so we bought a map and he had fun with my 4th daughter navigating us home.  They took the long way, but I let them because it was a beautiful day.  They  learned how
this road was connected to roads that they already knew.

My fifth son loved when we were in the airplane in September going to San Diego, CA. He said mom look. out the window.. I said oh what… He said, “Look at all the circuit boards down there!”  He Dad is an electrical engineer and so my son is in tune with what a circuit board looks like and is fascinated with them.

With all these activities going on,  I have, also,  been cleaning 2 to 4 days a week.  Teaching 4 grade CCD.  They have a new program this year that is terrific. I am happy things are changing.  Teaching skincare and playing Backgammon with my kids.  They are much better than I am but, I am learning.  Tomorrow night get to meet with the knitting ladies group that I have been with for a year. I haven’t seen them for 2 months with the wedding and graduation and house guests.

Looking forward to visiting you all again.


Does life ever slow down….? Hi everyone, I have a computer and my house back to just our family again:) — 1 Comment

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