6 things that tell you — you are dehydrated.

Something to think about.  Some of the ways you feel during the day, you are really dehydrated. 1) Loss of appetite – If you are not hungry  when you should be, try having a glass of water.  Your cells need water to … Continue reading

Effective ways to Cope with Stress

Good ways to cope with stress that you may or may not brought on yourself. There are days that things happen that are not your fault. Days when people drop things on you that you did not foresee and even if you … Continue reading

Herbs and vitamins for Muscle Relaxants

A friend and I  were talking about natural healing. today.  Natural healing helps to heal the problems and saves you money in the long run.  Medications usually cover up the symptoms but to not usually heal. Here are some ideas … Continue reading

What can I do to feel better? 10 Suggestions

What can I do to feel better? I will give you ideas for physical and mental health. 1)  Eat food the way God made it.  Box foods have many chemicals in them and in general give headaches and poor health. … Continue reading

It is way to hot… 5 ways to handle the heat.

5 Ways to handle the heat. 1) Keep hydrated – Drink plenty of water and eat fresh and frozen fruit and veggies.  Fruit and veggies are high in water and mineral content. 2) Close the curtains on the sunny side … Continue reading

A Hot Frustrating Day Mixed with Positive. Blog Challenge Day 3

1. No air conditioning – With temperatures nearing 100 degrees the house is too hot to use the computer.  I am at our community Library.  Lately, we have had to drink lots of water and eating cold and/or frozen fruit. Some even … Continue reading