Building fun projects out of junk.

Dragging the lawn mower without engine to top of hill


My son took an engine off of an old lawn mower that doesn’t work any more. ¬†They spent two hours Monday night racing it down our hill and pulling it up the hill with the lawn mower that works with a chain.

Leave it to kids to dream up learning activities for themselves. We they do it themselves they do not realize that they are learning.

I cannot figure out how to type under the bottom pictures. Hope you enjoy and let me know what kinds of things your kids like to build.

Made it down the big hill and up a small hill


pushing it up again


Building fun projects out of junk. — 4 Comments

  1. I love to hear about projects like this. My son is creative, but he’s never tried anything with a big engine. He makes foam swords, bows and arrows, etc. He wants to build a fort, but hasn’t yet. Glad your boy had fun!!

    • Happy to hear other kids outside having fun. He did this with his younger sister and younger brother. They had a blast. Still playing with it when they have time.

  2. How cool. Most kids don’t even think of doing stuff like this anymore. They are too busy with computers and Xboxes. The closest thing I can think of that my kids did like this was build an obstacle course for the dogs with odds and ends and a hula hoop!

    • What a wonderful idea dong obstacle courses. My kids do not play computer games or have Xboxes. To tell you the truth, we don’t even know what an Xbox is.

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