Bugs bite and you SWELL!

Bug bites make you SWELL and itch for days.

I like gardens.  The flowers are beautiful and working in the

dirt is healthy for you.  Working in the dirt also, puts you in contact

with the little things that bit.  Ants, Mosquitoes, some times Spiders

are the ones that join you on your garden expedition or even on your

evening walks in the moonlight.  4th of July fireworks are fun when it is

cool out, which it is usually not.  Most years the mosquitoes are out in

full force.

What to do?  I don’t use the typical bug sprays. I am allergic to them just

as much as I am allergic to the bug bites.  My family always asks me

why I swell up so much. Wish I knew!  I have to deal with the bites after I

get them.

Here are some way to deal with the bite.

1.  Use a baking soda paste (sucks out poison)

2.  Use aloe (heals the bite and area after you scratch it open)

3.  Use apple cider vinegar  (neutralizes the poison)

I tried number 3 today and it seemed to work faster than the others.

If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below, how

you deal with bugs and the bites that make you swell.


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