Blessing of 2010 and Looking on to 2011`

Blessing of 2010

1. First Grand daughter is born beginning of year to oldest daughter.
2. God taught me to keep going even in diversity.
3. Second daughter graduated from college.
3.  Second daughter got married.
4.  I worked cleaning jobs all year.
5.  I worked my L’Bri business
6.  I grew a garden.
7.  I have a wonderful card business
8.  Visited my oldest daughter’s family for Thanksgiving.
9.  Got to visit with my cousins for Christmas.
10.  I taught myself many things on the computer this year.
I am Looking forward to 
1 Loving God more.
2 Loving and being with family
3 Reducing debt by
4 Working my cleaning, L’Bri and Send Out Card business.
5. Working with 4-H kids teaching them knitting
6 Visiting my daughters, son-in-laws and granddaughter.
Knitting a sweater for myself and my husband
8 Getting to know the knitting group ladies better.
9 Cooking more homemade foods
10 Watching God’s beauty… in people and the great out doors.
                                                                             Try a beginner set today… 
                                                                 IT is a new year… Time to take special care of your skin


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