The Benefits of Using Goat's Milk.

Benefits of goat milk will be talked about this week.

Goat’s milk has many properties that cow’s milk doesn’t have.  One being that it is naturally anti-inflammatory. Many people with stomach problems,  eczema and skin problems do well with goat milk. Many people with intestinal  problems that drink goat milk find that the colon calms down. I personally get headaches from cow’s milk,  but I don’t with goat’s milk.

Goat’s milk is more like mother’s milk and so it is easier to digest.  Goat milk for babies can be tried if nursing does not work..

Goats are easier to raise on less land then a cow and they eat less too. You can raise 12 goats in the space that it would take to raise 4 cows.

Goats are  fun to have around.  Join me tomorrow for some more benefits of Goat’s Milk.

One of our cute baby goats.

One of our cute baby goats.


The Benefits of Using Goat's Milk. — 4 Comments

  1. I had to read & comment on your blog. When I was a baby (a LONG time ago) I was allergic to cows milk and we were poor! My parents kept a goat so I could have milk. I agree, goats are cute. I also think that a goat or 2 around would cure my weed problem!

  2. All of those benefits would be excellent for my family. I have always wondered about the taste of goats milk. Is it more or less close to cows milk? We drink almond milk now, and sometimes rice milk. I’d love to try goats milk but have always been nervous about the taste.

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

    • Elizabeth, goats milk tastes a little different then cows milk. My husband likes it pasteurized. I like it raw. It is healthier. I have had almond milk to. Now that we have goats I don’t bother with store milk. My husband say that pasteurizing take some of the taste away. I like the cheese that I make from it. Thank you for stopping by.

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