Benefits of Using Goats Milk 'continued

I have heard from some of you that had to used goats milk as a baby.  It is very important to eat foods that our bodies like. We will be less sick that way.  “smile”

Goat’s milk is a good milk to drink if you want to loose weight.  It still has the proteins and and essential amino acids that are important in our nutrition, but it is lower in fat than cows milk. Many people that are lactose intolerant of cows milk can drink goat’s milk.  Raw milk is even better for you.

Goat’s milk is high in calcium.  I must add here though, if you are allergic to cows milk and goat’s milk, you can get calcium from almonds and broccoli and other foods.

Goat’s milk usually doesn’t cause mucous in the guts of humans because the fat globules and 1/9th the size of cows fat globules.   I am pretty sure that is why I had migraine headaches until I stopped drinking pasteurized cow milk over 25 years ago.  I can count on one hand how many headaches I have had since then.

Until tomorrow, let me know your experiences with goats milk.

Here are are goats Billy and BobOur Goats Billy and Bob.



Benefits of Using Goats Milk 'continued — 11 Comments

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  2. We have a local goat milk dairy – I have not had fresh goats milk but I have had goats milk cheese (yum) and goats milk ice cream (excellent). when I think “goats milk” I think about the book Heidi, which was one of my favorite books as a child. The brimming bowl of fresh goat’s milk, nutritious brown bread, and goats cheese, which brought the invalid girl Klara back to good health.
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  3. Stopping by from UBC. I love goats milk – but haven’t found a local producer. I had a recurrent respiratory illness every winter in childhood – until a neighbor introduced us to goats milk. Cleared it up and didn’t have the problem again.

  4. Hi Debbie – I found you by way of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Great post. What about goat cheese? I don’t drink goat’s milk, although I love the info about it. I do love goat cheese. Appreciate any info!!

    • Pam I believe that goat cheese would work as well. We don’t drink goat milk but we make cheese, pudding and other things with the goat milk. Thanks for stopping by.

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