Aloe Vera Tidbit Tuesdays

Aloe will be our topic for Tuesdays, until further notice.

Today’s tidbit will talk about aloe vera benefits for burns.

Aloe Vera had been the go to medicine plant for many, many years.

The benefits for burns are:  1) It helps with the healing process of the skin.  Aloe goes deep to help renew skin. 2) Aloe Vera reduces inflammation.  Aloe kept in the refrigerator, is very soothing to the skin when applied. 3) Aloe Vera kills bacteria.  You don’t need antibiotics applied to the skin if you use Aloe. 4) Aloe if applied soon enough may reduce or eliminate blisters.

Keep Aloe Vera Barbadensis in   your medicine box at all times.  Keeping an aloe plant on your shelf and/ or gel in you home will save you scars and pain from sunburn or hot burns from ovens ect.


Aloe Vera wonderful for burns!


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