Anti – aging exercise

As we are talking about taking care of your skin, we are going to talk a little about exercise.  Your skin needs exercise to be health…

WHAT?????  Why does my skin exercise to be healthy?

Exercise does 3 things: give you energy, rid you of toxins, keep skin elastic.

1) Exercising brings oxygen into you skin. Oxygen will help you sweat and help you get rid of toxins. This will give your skin a warm glow.

2) If you are loosing weight,  exercising will keep your skin elastic. Your skin will not sage if you exercise.  

3) I have two different types of exercise that I like to do.  Both give me ENERGY, which is the main reason that I exercise.

3a)  I enjoy  Leslie Sansones walking tapes(DVD’s) because she is motivating without being pushy.  15 minutes is just as good as 45 minutes depending on who you are and how much time you have.

3b)  I also, enjoy Teresa Taps  T-Tap basic work out.  I enjoy her work out which can be done in 15 minutes up to 1 Hour.  I like T-Tap because these work outs help you line -up your back and whole body so you can stand straight again.  When I an finished with the work out, I feel like I just came back from the Chiropractor.  I feel wonderful.

4) Last but not least, in the Spring, Summer and Fall I walk outside.  Fresh air clears the lungs and and makes your skin glow.

In the comments below, share what you do to keep you skin healthy besides skincare.


Anti – aging exercise — 5 Comments

  1. Your skin can help if you’re feeling too hot or too cold. Your blood vessels, hair, and sweat glands cooperate to keep your body at just the right temperature. If you were to run around in the heat, you could get overheated. If you play outside when it’s cold, your inner temperature could drop. Either way, your skin can help.
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  2. I really enjoy walking which is one of the reasons I like to spend time at our place in Mexico when the ice cold weather reaches our home in Wisconsin.
    This year I’m planning on staying up north until the fall so I will be going to the gym during the winter months to walk and enjoy the warm sauna and whirlpool. Great suggestions, thanks for sharing
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