Aloe Tidbit Tuesday (Constipation)

Constipation is a problem of many people have.  Many people go to drugs to solve this problem.

Here are four tips to help you solve  constipation:

1.  Give your body a regular routine.  Get your body in the habit of spending time in the bathroom for 5 minutes every morning.  When you get up, have a drink of water.  Sit on the toilet and relax.  Your body will get use to this routine and you will feel much better.

2.  Exercise for a healthy gut.  Make sure you get daily exercise.  Sitting all day is a good way to get constipation.  Take a walk even if it is around your yard for ten minutes.

3.  Aloe  –  Aloe gel will lubricate the intestines.  You can add aloe to your smoothies in the morning.  If you are very constipated you may have to have aloe 3 to 4 times a day until you get things going. (Aloe also, heals hemorrhiods )  Make sure only to use natural aloe, made for internal use.

4. Magnesium (you may need extra) –  Magnesium helps normalize peristalsis.  It you are not relaxed your muscles will not let go…

So in revue:  keep a routine, exercise, use aloe to lubricate the intestines, and make sure your diet has enough magnesium to relax your muscles.

Happy Tuesday.



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  1. Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by my blog & for your kind comment!…and WOW, am I glad I came here! Yes, er, these issues could use some attention. I’ll be looking into Aloe. Thank you!!!

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