Aloe products for the purse…

The idea for this post came from a lady who keeps many things in her purse.  At this time I only keep few things in a fanny pack, and so I have to decide what is most important.

So besides money to buy gas and a drivers license, I always keep aloe in my purse for any thing from bug bites and scratches and sun burn. I don’t want to be  with out my aloe or someone may want me to use something high in chemicals to relieve my or my kids “pain”.

The other aloe product I keep in my purse is Hand and Body lotion. The hand and body lotion is good if your skin feels dry and scratchy. This lotion soaks in fast and so your hands will not be slippery.

The final thing I keep in my purse is my L’BRI Pure and Natural post cards because whenever someone wants my email or phone number they will also, know about my business. It is big enough that it will not get lost in their purse.

So if you have a business what do you keep in your purse or briefcase? Please share below.

If you know anyone that wants to use Natural Skincare, please share this link with them.  Thank you and have a wonderful aloe day.

Debbie is a mom of 9 and a grandmother of 2.  She loves learning about how to heal diseases with food and herbs.  Debbie has L’BRI Pure n Natural skincare business.  Go here to try to Love your skin with L’BRI Pure n Natural (aloe base skincare)

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