A Hot Frustrating Day Mixed with Positive. Blog Challenge Day 3

1. No air conditioning – With temperatures nearing 100 degrees the house is too hot to use the computer.  I am at our community Library.  Lately, we have had to drink lots of water and eating cold and/or frozen fruit. Some even are playing with ice cubes.

2) I still have a couple of sick kids.  Sickness with 4 kids at home it just seems to drag out.  When all 9 kids lived at home, it always seemed to last forever.  Lots of things to offer up these days. I have many things to offer up my sorrows for.

3) TV is always off-limits as we always do other projects.  Well with the heat so high,  we have watched the Little House on the Prairie series for almost a week now.  I didn’t realize that there were so many.  The kids said that there are still more at the library.

4) Getting jobs done – Everyone gets a couple of jobs a day, besides, making sure that the animals have water a few times a day. The jobs get done between shows.  So far, floors have gotten swept and washed.  The kitchen counters have been scrubbed and the “Tupperware” cabinet has matching tops and bottoms again.

5) Tonight everyone went to my sons softball game and I am thinking I should have went with them because the a/c in the library is fairly cold and now I don’t want to get back outside.

Now for the positives,

1) My 18-year-old started her first full-time job yesterday. In the warehouse where she works, it is not air-conditioned.  In two weeks after her training period, she will be working nights until fall when the weather cools.

2)  My 15-year-old has cooperated, in this heat.

3)  My 13-year-old has read many mysteries while resting and recovering. She says that she can figure out the mysteries about 50% of the time before the end of the book.

4)  My 9-year-old gets bored easy and so he is easy to coral to help me clean out cabinets.

Well, this is Day 3 of the challenge.  I am determined to do more than 14 days of the challenge this time.  Looks like I will need to be creative.

What is your family doing in the heat?  Have a good day.

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