The end of the tomatoes

The tomatoes didn’t ripen on the vine this year. We went out and picked all the white and green tomatoes before the 1st frost. The tomatoes ripened in the house very nice, so I did actually get to can sauce and tomatoes. Praying the next year will be a better year, but praising God for what we got this year.

My 13 year old daughter took it upon herself to rotate the tomatoes so they would ripen faster.  She found one box and a corner in the room that would ripen the tomatoes faster than other areas. We only had to throw away about half dozen.  She was a wonderful help.

Did you get to salvage your tomatoes from frost this year?  What did you make with them?  Leave a not below.



  1. It was a strange year for tomatoes. I had a few varieties that didn’t ripen at all on the vine. I planted over 60 plants, so had plenty to can–but did end up with more green tomatoes than I usually do at the end of the season. This year I discovered that green tomatoes can be used in soups and muffins–and can be frozen just like other fruits. So a whole bunch of my smaller green tomatoes got cut up and put into freezer bags for the winter.
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  2. Hi Debbie
    I did pretty good with the tomatoes and I’m only a few miles from your homw town. We are in Racine. We had a late crop and the last of the harvest was picked green, but we like fried Green Tomatoes so we were ok with that. I love eating tomatoes just like an apple and can eat 3 or 4 a day during the season. Living next to the lake, I guess we just got a little more sun. I am looking forward to next years crop already.
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