9 Healing benefits of honey

Yesterday you were shown my burn and told what I did to heal my burn.

Today I am going give you some points on how honey heals injuries.

1. Honey is full of antioxidants.

2. Honey had natural antibiotics. 

3.  Honey is antiviral and can help fight viruses .

4. Putting honey on a burn puts a protective covering on the burn.

5. Honey absorbs pus and other things that infect a wound.

6. Honey reduces pain on an injury. ( I noticed this to be true on my burn.)

7.  Honey reduces irritation on injuries.

8.  Honey  reduces odor on infection sights.

7.  Putting honey on a burn, surgery site, cuts or scratches heals the skin with minimal scaring.

8. Honey can help treat bronchitis infection (I wish I knew that as a kid)

9.  Honey can heal athletes foot ( Soak in raw honey and Epsom salt to kill fungus)

For the benefits of honey to work, it must be raw honey.  You can get raw honey from the farmers market in your area.

Caution:  Some people are allergic to pollen so be careful and ask before adding honey to other people’s food and drinks.



Raw Honey

Raw Honey


Let me know how you have used honey.

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