9 Beneficial Reasons to Use Aloe

Benefits of using aloe

9.  Aloe goes down under the skin taking moisture with it to heal and moisturize the skin.

8.  Aoe takes the sting and itch out of bug bites.

7.   Spraying aloe on knotted hair before combing helps take the knot out.

6.  Aloe prevents pimples and clears up the pimples that you already have. Dab on just before bed and they will heal while you sleep.

5  Put aloe on infection sites and the infection will go away.

4.  Aloe shrinks warts.

3.  Aloe heals cooking burns.

2.  Aloe removes eye make up safely.

1.  Aloe healed the scaring and itching from my 2nd degree burn that I got 2 months ago.

How have you used aloe lately?

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